Welcome to the 4th annual Wilberforce University online yearbook. We published a print yearbook from 1914-2002, and this is an effort to re-capture some of the great memories. We are still experimenting with the design, and will try to continually improve it. Right now we have collected about 100 photos from this school year's activities. Please click on any of the links to see the photos.

Here are the photos from the 2013-2014 School Year:

1. Arts, Beats & Eats (click here)

2. Black Women Women Family Feud (click here)

3. Breast Cancer Awareness Event (click here)

4. Hypno Brothers Hypnosis Show (click here)

5. Buckle-Up America event (click here)

6. Comedy Show (click here)

7. Ms. Black & Gold Pageant 2013-2014 (click here)

8. Sleep out for the Homeless (click here)

9. S'Mores with the SGRHOS (click here)

Here are the photos from the 2010-2011 & 2011-2012 School Year:

1. Administration, faculty and students (click here)

2. Greek organizations (click here)

3. Homecoming events (click here)

4. Campus organizations (click here)

5. Miss Wilberforce Pageant (click here)

6. Miss UNCF (click here)

7. Midnight Madness (click here)

8. Open mike night (click here)

7. Sporting events (click here)

7. Student body (click here)

7. More students and faculty (click here)

Useful Links:

Wilberforce planner and time management diary (download here)

William Wilberforce Day event (click here)

The Mirror, student newspaper (click here), & advertising rate card (click here)

A few of the events (also click on the links above):